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Bangkok, one of the world's most attractive tourist destinations comprises of complex multilayers of heritage, traditions, religions and ethnicities. In the past, Bangkok thrived with travelers and traders from China, India and Europe who witnessed life on Chao Praya River and canals with riverboats, rafts and rice barges. Missionaries, diplomats and artists recorded their experience of Bangkok with overwhelming joy and delight. Comparison between Bangkok and Venice became popular as visitors frequently viewed Bangkok as Venice of the East. Today, Bangkok as mega city is sprawled with condominiums, malls and skyscrapers. More than ever, visitors are attracted to Bangkok for leisure, warm climate, business, hospitality, cuisine, entertainment and spiritual enlightenment.

Bangkok as city of art and culture is full of rich tradition, creativity and contemporary art. Renowned for heritage, hospitality, entertainment and gastronomy, Bangkok will serve as a grandiose venue for exciting international contemporary art. Bangkok Art Biennale 2018 will be the first biennale in Bangkok and a new alluring destination for international art scene. Artists, art enthusiasts, writers and media converge in Bangkok for creative encounters.