Artists Detail


One of the veteran female artists of the Thailand Contemporary art scene, Sriwan Janehattakarnkit graduated from the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking, Silpakorn University. Her artistic repertoire, which encompasses works in the form of painting, printmaking and sculpture, depicts the stories of Dharma, life and Buddhism, expressed through a vibrant use of colors and forms. She is one of the members of WHITE, a group of progressive artists who experimented with new possibilities of art through the use of watercolor in the pioneering days of Modern art. One of the most recognized works in the early days of her artistic career was a series of paintings of people in the nightlife world with faces and silhouettes possessing striking visuals of superimposed forms and outlines as well as flashy colors. In the past recent years, many people returned to her works such as her 2015 exhibition the ‘Dharma, Nature and Normality’ in which the form of skeletons superimposed on one another remain. After retiring from her job as an art professor at several education institutions, she now spends most of her time creating religious art for the construction of Wat Pa Yang Temple’s Main Hall in Doi Sa-ngo.