Artists Detail


The globally renowned and one of the most influential artists of Japan, Nara is the creator of the ‘girl with a petulant face’ who seems to show all her emotions through her facial expressions. With aesthetic elements similar to that of children’s book illustrations, his works have been supported by countless galleries and museums worldwide. Nara’s works have also been recognized and loved by a large group of fans across the world. While viewers often interpret and fall in love with his works for their elements of Pop Art, the sweet looking characters such as the girls or dogs may look like they are influenced by anime and manga, but the reality in Nara’s world has led him to create these little girl and dog characters from his own childhood experiences. The works are related to the artist at a spiritual level, reflecting his solitude from growing up in a somewhat secluded environment as a child. The inspiration from children’s books combined with his own working methods where each work results in a painting as a final ending, is what differentiates Nara’s works from other comic books. Having to leave Japan to pursue his studies in Europe gave Nara the opportunity to experience art and cultures that are entirely different from that of Japan. Such experience has led him to create a body of work that is a collective expression of his innate personal and national identity as well as childhood experiences.